‘OH HAIL NO!’ Unusual mid-May thunderstorms stun Bay Area residents, videos show

An unusual weather pattern that has dumped rain on California in May has also brought snow and hailstorms to parts of the state.

Hail began appearing in the San Jose area in the late morning Sunday.

“Hail YES! ...storms moving through Santa Clara Valley definitely dropping hail,” said the National Weather Service’s Bay Area station on Twitter.

Hail also appeared in the San Luis Obispo area on Sunday, according to the National Weather Service’s Los Angeles station.

Plenty of Bay Area residents took to Twitter on Sunday to share jaw-dropping footage of hail pounding their cars and patio umbrellas and coating the ground like snow.

“OH HAIL NO!” said one Twitter user. “This is some crazy Bay Area weather.”

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“Made a Californian snowball with the hail,” said another. Possibly the most California response? A tweet reading, “hella hail coming down.”

“Maybe the worst hail storm in San Jose,” said another Twitter user. Another user described it as “other-worldly rain.”

Most users expressed their shock, not just at the extreme weather, but the time of year that it’s happening: Mid-May is typically dry in California.

The storm was also forecast to drop another six inches to a foot of snow in the Sierra, and by Sunday afternoon the National Weather Service in Sacramento reported light snowfall in the mountains at elevations of about 3,500 feet.

See some of the astonishing photos and videos of the hail below, as Bay Area residents reacted on social media.

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