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Does your pool look like the black lagoon? Maybe hiring a pro is best way to go

Q: I’d like to start making plans for backyard summer parties immediately. The only issue is that my pool looks like I’d been leasing it out to the creature from the black lagoon. A few months back, my old pool guy retired and I know nothing about pool maintenance. How would I even start cleaning it; do I hire someone, or is it cheaper to do it myself? To go a step further, what should I be doing in the future to prevent this from happening again?

A: Pools often require a whole lot of tender love and care, which can easily consume a lot of time and money. This is especially the case if the state of your pool is just as you described. Unless you’re prepared to spend a couple weekends cleaning your pool from top to bottom, it might be a better idea to hire a person who makes a living doing this sort of work. You could find such company by going to’s business directory.

If you’d like to keep your pool clean yourself, many of our industry experts recommend that you use a pool skimmer to fish out leaves and debris in your pool to prevent algae from building up. In addition, you might also want to purchase a pool sweeper and have that running to keep your water clean. Finally, be sure to test and closely monitor the pH levels of your pool, so that you can make sure your water stays a nice blue, rather than a murky green.

Honestly, it might be a far easier option to just hire someone to keep your pool clean, rather than have to fuss over it each day before or after work. Naturally, be sure to check to find a good pool cleaning service to hire. If they’re an Accredited Business, then you can use the “Request-a-Quote” feature to get a quick price check on how much it would cost you to hire them. As always, you can find more helpful tips like these at

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