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Latest scam: Impersonator saying they’re representing a BBB ‘refund team’

Q: I just received a call this past week from someone who introduced themselves as being a part of the “refund team” for my local Better Business Bureau. This man asked if I had been a victim of one of those tech support scams. After I asked him why, he explained that if it was the case, the BBB is issuing refunds to victims of the scams.

A: That call was not from BBB.

These calls seem to be a relatively new scam, as I only heard about these calls a day or two before receiving your question. It would seem that, like many scams, it is a new twist on an older trick.

Isuing refunds to the victims of scams is not something the Better Business Bureau does. Scam victims are rarely ever reimbursed for the money they were cheated out of, much less, paid back in full. Furthermore, BBB never seeks out consumers in such a way as directly calling them.

If you haven’t already, I recommend that you file a report of this imposter on When you file reports on Scamtracker, you are helping out others, and preventing a less than favorable outcome for them. The amount of reports, as well as what they pertain to, help your local BBB determine which scams are more prevalent at the moment. If we see a lot of the same reports, we then know which scams we need to investigate and pass on to the media/local authorities.

I recommend that you also check out the abundance of articles on to familiarize yourself with other types of scams, and how to deal with or even prevent them, in some cases, from happening altogether.

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