DIY: Make your own string art

Nails and thread turn a simple board into an intricate piece of art.
Nails and thread turn a simple board into an intricate piece of art. The Fresno Bee

String art has been growing in popularity over the past few years, with crafters finding ways to get increasingly involved and more intricate with their designs. From simple shapes with single-color creative threading, to positive messages in a rainbow of colors, the outcome of the pieces are always an intriguing way to enhance your decor.

The following project began with the desire to create something fun with items I already had on hand. Using my computer, I created a design (the word “love” in block letters) that, frankly, I thought I could complete with the number of nails in my package. From concept to the end result, the whole project took about 2 hours.

What you need:

▪  Wooden board, 14” x 7” x 1/4”

▪  1 x 17 wire nails (about 85)

▪  Hammer

▪  Pliers

▪  Black thread (or embroidery floss)

▪  Painters tape

▪  Printout of 12”x 6” design

▪  Super glue

▪  Scissors (as needed)

▪  Newspaper (as needed)

What to do

1) Gather all your items together. Trim the printout of your design as needed, then center and tape your design to the board.

2) Place the board on top of newspaper and a hard surface. Hammer the wire nails onto the outer line of your design, about 1/4” deep (4 or 5 taps) and spacing the nails about 1/2” apart. Use the pliers as needed to help fit the nails into tight spaces, and keep your fingers safe. (NOTE: Be careful not to nail through the board entirely– hence the newspaper padding beneath the board.) Continue adding nail by nail until you have completely outlined your design.

3) Remove the paper printout and tape from the board. Starting with the first letter, tie the thread to a nail. Carefully begin winding the thread back and forth around each nail, creating your own unique pattern. There is no right or wrong way to do this – just go with a pattern that you enjoy. When you feel the letter is complete, tie off the thread on the same nail you started with. Trim the excess thread, and super glue the ends to the underside of the nail head to prevent unraveling.

4) Continue with your design in this manner until you have completed all your letters. Step back and admire your new piece of art.