DIY: Make a macrame plant hanger

Recently my 12-year-old saw a clever decor item on Pinterest and mentioned that she would like to have one in her room. The item was a macrame plant hanger, and while part of me was thrilled — she wanted something we could make! — another part of me was confounded. The art of macrame — while an incredibly hip form of decor back in the day — was slightly before my time, and I’d never learned the craft.

Despite the fact that it seemed incredibly complicated and time consuming, after a little internet sleuthing, I learned that macrame is only as hard as you want to make it. There are several simple projects — like this one — that take less than an hour to complete. However, this is one of those projects that are easier to understand by watching a video. As such, this week we go two ways. Below is a set of instructions for making a macrame plant holder. The process reads a little tricky — but have no fear. If the process seems a little thick, view the accompanying video tutorial.

What you’ll need:

  • Yarn (12 strands, about 44 to 50 inches long)
  • Wooden beads (about 12)
  • Toothpicks
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Vase with small houseplant

Prepare the yarn: For this project, you’ll need 12 strands of yarn, each about 45 to 50 inches in length. The fastest way create the strands is to measure out the first length, and using it as your guide, roll out the next strand against the first. Fold or turn the yarn back and forth 12 times. As the yarn is one long piece, loops form at the end of each strand. Cut through the loops on each end, and you will have 12 equal-length strands.

Make a knot: Taking the strands in hand lengthwise, line up the cut ends of one side and tie a large knot, creating a 3- to 4-inch tassel.

Spread it out and tie: Lay the yarn down, with the knot and tassel at the top and all 12 strands spreading downward. Separate the strands into 6 pairs. Take one strand pair and tie a double knot about 2-inches down from the large knot. Repeat the double knot with every strand pair.

Spread and tie again: Spread the strands out into a star formation, with the big knot/tassel in the center. Take the right strand from each pair, and match it up to the left strand of its neighbor. Tie a double knot about 2- to 3-inches down from the knot above. The strands are still paired up— but they have new partners. Repeat until all strands have been tied (6 knots).

Attach needles and thread: Tape a toothpick to the bottom of each strand. The toothpicks will act like giant needles for the wooden beads. As the strands are still paired, thread a wooden bead onto the strand on the right. Next, thread the left strand of its neighboring partner through the same bead. Repeat until you have 6 pairs threaded with wooden beads. Once the beads are in place, snip off the taped toothpicks.

Center the vase: Place the vase in the center of the hanger, and gather the strands up around the vase. Arrange the beads as desired and tie a big knot at the end. Your plant holder is ready to hang.