Create a clothes-pin frame

You can turn an old frame into a scrapbook-like display in a few easy steps.
You can turn an old frame into a scrapbook-like display in a few easy steps. Traci Arbios

I recently had a conversation with the woman who was waxing my brows and it was really interesting. Well, let’s be honest: brow waxing is always interesting. (How just a few hairs can make the difference between Cro-Magnon and human, or, conversely, human and dolphin ... fascinating). But no, I intended to say that the conversation was interesting. Mostly because I believe there was an implied compliment directed at me — and who doesn’t love it when I receive compliments? Exactly.

The two of us chatted about this and that, and somehow I mentioned my love of thrifting. This halted the conversation dead in its tracks, if only for a pregnant three seconds. Let it be known that I am a mere 25-years (give or take) older than the extremely young, tender-aged near-toddler I was chatting with, of whom one could say was of the hipster vein. Anyway, point is, she was rather impressed that a person of my advanced age would find joy in the art of bargain hunting.

You know, thinking about it, I’m not sure there was a compliment there. Which makes this whole missive dumb and pointless and now I hate her stupid young guts. BUT regardless, it got me thinking about thrifting, which I love.

This week’s craft — the clothes-pin frame —- leans on thrifting skills just a bit. It takes an old frame (something found second-hand, perhaps) and transforms it into a new, stylish photo collage that adds pop to any room.

What you’ll need:

▪ A large, empty picture frame

▪ String or twine

▪ Miniature-clothes pins

▪ Spray paint (optional)

▪ Glue gun or duct tape

Step 1

Begin with a large frame. Remove the glass and backing, and spray paint (as desired). Consider adding a little flair to the piece: vinyl word art, seashells or stick-on gems, for example.

Step 2

Attach 3 (or more) rows of string or twine to the reverse side of the frame using either a glue gun or duct tape. Be sure your string is evenly spaced, with enough room to pin on photos between.

Step 3

Using the miniature-clothes pins, hang smaller, variously-sized photos from the string. Add fun collectible items (a block letter, or ribbons, perhaps) to add a scrapbook-feel to your collage.