Make a flower clip in four easy steps

You can make this colorful flower clip in just a few easy steps.
You can make this colorful flower clip in just a few easy steps. The Fresno Bee

Fellow residents of the Central Valley, remember when the rest of the nation was mired in snow and we were out golfing? Remember last November, when persnickety autumn bypassed our entire state, and our children were sent to school wearing shorts and tank tops?

We dreamed of a polar vortex as we grilled chicken in our backyards. We pined for thunderstorms as we went on long bike rides in the middle of January. And now, as the dead of our long, long summer approaches, we scuttle indoors and — like all reasonable people — try not to suffer from cabin fever as we avoid the great, scorching outdoors.

What makes these sizzling days especially enjoyable is that — much like those once snow-laden states — our children are also home from school, vocally suffering alongside us. Unlike snow days, however, our triple-digit days go on for weeks on end while our schools remain closed until late August.

Ahh, the joys of entertaining children when we’re all stuck inside together.

Here’s a quick, creative activity to keep in mind when those long, hot days need filling: flower clips! They’re perfect for hair or hats or to secretly apply to 10-year-old boys’ backpacks.

What you’ll need:

▪ Artificial flower (daisy-style)

▪ Craft button

▪ Twist tie or small piece of wire

▪ Clamp-style hair clip

▪ Glue

The artificial flower is essential made up of three parts: the stem, the petals and the eye (the center). The petals are a series of fabric circles connected together by the eye, which pierces through the center of the fabric petals and attaches to the stem. The basic idea of the project is to replace the eye with a pretty button and connect a clamp-style hair clip to the back of the flower.

Step 1

Pull the stem to remove it from the backside of the flower. Doing so allows you to easily pull the eye from the front of the flower. Set the fabric petals aside.

Step 2

Take the small twist tie and poke it through two holes in the button, so that both ends of the wire are sticking out the back of the button.

Step 3

Poke the twist-tie wires through the holes in the center of the fabric petals. The button becomes the new eye of the flower. On the backside, twist the tie to keep the button in place.

Step 4

Finally, attach the hair clamp to the backside of the flower with glue.