DIY: Dress your door with a wine cork wreath

Today’s craft is a lesson in patience, in more ways than one. Not only does it make use of the (dreaded) hot glue gun — which demands that the user be careful and move slowly — but it also requires many wine corks, which take some time to collect. Sure, you can buy them in bulk for probably a fraction of the cost, but where’s the fun in that?

I’ve been saving wine corks for the better part of four years, and only partially because I’m a total craft hoarder. Over that time I’d seen several DIY projects that make use of the things, but I’d always wanted to try my hand at a small wreath.

This wreath was made with a wire wreath form. Its straight lines require some layering of the corks to build up volume. If you have fewer corks, or desire a more robust wreath, try a foam form. The shape naturally fills in space where a wire one doesn’t.

What you’ll need:

•  wine corks (about 100)

•  wreath form (wire or foam — whatever you prefer)

•  glue sticks (6 large)

•  hot glue gun

•  newspaper

•  bow (optional)

The best part of this craft is that it is really a free-form art: You don’t have to choose a pattern first, but can literally start sticking corks onto the wreath willy-nilly if you like.

For this wreath, I began by (carefully) hot gluing corks down end-to-end around the wire form, leaving as little space as possible between the corks. If you end up with a space too small for a cork, you can cut a cork down to fit.

I then hot glued a second round of corks atop the outer most ring. Finding several corks with red wine stains, I adhered those stained-end up along the inside of the wreath. Lastly, between the outer and inner rings, I attached several corks in a sunburst pattern.

In my sunburst, I used corks I’d previously sliced in half lengthwise. Another lesson in patience: If you choose to use split corks, use a sharp knife, a cutting board and cut very, very carefully. Round corks tend to roll and sharp knives are indiscriminate.

Add a bow (should you choose), and your masterpiece is complete.