Ask Amy

Job hunt is tough

Dear Amy: I am one of millions of Americans who have become unemployed this year. None of us asked to be in the position we are in, nor is it something we are proud of.

Every day there is more discouraging news to make job seekers feel less secure.

The last thing we need is to be treated with a lack of common decency and empathy at this difficult time.

On many occasions, I was appalled by the lack of respect for candidates by the interviewer.

The job search is difficult enough without treating job seekers like cattle.

— Still looking

Dear Looking: Thank you for your thoughtful assessment of what can be a humiliating process.

Looking for work is a soul-sucking experience, and potential employers should be more aware of it. That having been said, your self-esteem is not anyone else’s responsibility.

It would be interesting for you to find ways to somehow turn these humiliations to your advantage.

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