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This week at the library: Celebrating Earth Day

The Fresno County Library’s Bookshelf column shares suggestions for books, music, and other items, and provides information about library programs.

Celebrating Earth Day

▪ “Saving Wonder,” by E. Mary Knight. For younger readers: When a corporation threatens to abuse the coal mining country around Wonder Gap, Kentucky, teenager Curly Hines is torn between saving the land he loves and going along with the scheme to keep his grandfather’s modest pension going.

Saving Wonder 0422
“Saving Wonder” by Mary Knight SCHOLASTIC PRESS

▪ “Living in a Sustainable Way: Green Communities,” by Megan Kopp. This simple primer shows how you can use recycling, renewable energy and different green techniques to help improve your quality of life and the world in general.

▪ “The Wizard and the Prophet: Two Remarkable Scientists and Their Duelling Visions of Tomorrow’s World,” by Charles C. Mann. Ecologist William Vogt was convinced humans had to use less to make the planet survive, while agronomist Norman Borlaug thought that creating a planet of plentiful resources could accomplish the same end. The tension between their viewpoints makes for a fascinating narrative.

Top 5 Most Requested Books

▪ “A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies and Leadership,” by James B. Comey Jr.

▪ “The Disappeared,” by C.J. Box.

▪ “I’ve Got My Eyes on You: A Novel,” by Mary Higgins Clark.

I've got my eyes on your 0422
“I’ve Got My Eyes On You” by Mary Higgins Clark SIMON & SCHUSTER

▪ “Red Alert,” by James Patterson.

▪ “The Punishment She Deserves,” by Elizabeth George.

New Arrivals

▪ “The Only Story,” by Julian Barnes. When a barely-adult man meets an abused, married woman on a London tennis court, romance and salvation occur in a short time, while bliss becomes harder to find as they journey through a shared life.

The Only Story 0422
“The Only Story” by Julian Barnes KNOPF

▪ “Then She Was Gone: A Novel,” by Lisa Jewell. As Laurel Mack recovers from her daughter’s disappearance and a divorce, she finds love with a new man – and begins to wonder as she notices similarities between her lost girl and the man’s alleged child.

▪ “Enlightenment Now: The Case for Reason, Science, Humanism and Progress,” by Steven Pinker. The author argues that technology and science are making people live longer, happier lives around the globe, but unless fanaticism and oppressive government is opposed actively, these gains may prove to be short-lived.


▪ Hmong Dance Workshop: Join members from the award-winning dance group TTNH in this interactive dance class and learn about the Hmong culture’s artistry in motion. 4-5 p.m. Monday, Woodward Park Regional Library. Details: 559-600-3135.

▪ Discovering Your Family Tree – Genealogy for Beginners: Interested in researching your family history? This program will show you how to dig into the past and find genealogical treasure. 6-7:30 p.m. Thursday, Kerman Branch Library. Details: 559-846-8804.

▪ Friends of the Auberry Library Concert – Emerald Duo: Local residents Susan Doering and Dieter Wulfhorst present the newest edition of their "Musical Miniatures from Around the World" program, featuring violin and cello musical selections from around the world. 7-9 p.m. Saturday, Auberry Branch Library. Details: 559-855-8523.

This is a weekly column written by the Fresno County Public Library staff. Events are usually free. Visit or call 559-600-6227 for details.