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Brewer profile: Roll up the industrial door and kick back at Pine & Palm

Pine and Palm Brewing brings craft beer fans together

Open only three days a week, the small brewery operates out of an industrial garage in north Fresno.
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Open only three days a week, the small brewery operates out of an industrial garage in north Fresno.

Name: Pine & Palm Brewing

Where: 352 W. Bedford Ave. No. 111, Fresno

Where to find: Facebook and Instagram @pineandpalmbrew

Brewer: Roger Noguera

Opened: March 2016

What is it: A little brewery with a big roll-up garage door in an otherwise boring industrial park in north Fresno. Visitors can buy a pint and taste.

Known for: IPAs and porters

Popular: Sixty Ninety Double IPA

When to visit: 5-9 p.m. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, with food trucks during summer months. Pints cost $5.

Fun fact: The brewery got its name from a pine tree and palm tree on Highway 99 south of Madera that supposedly marks the divide between Southern and Northern California. (North Fork is the exact center of California.)

The brewer was drawing a logo of California with a star marking the brewery when his mom suggested using the pine and palm. He loved it so much it became the brewery’s name.

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About: Pine & Palm is a laid-back brewery where people amble in for a beer with folding chairs or chips and salsa and a cribbage game. After a beer – or more – it’s not unusual for customers to get chatty with each other.

The brewery is surrounded by storage bays and an appliance servicing company in a beige industrial park. Look for the little sign on Bedford Avenue pointing to the brewery.

Noguera, 34, wasn’t thinking about serving the public when he rented the space.

“People started showing up, and I was like, ‘OK, let me find a place for you to sit,’ ” he says.

Pine & Palm has just three tables: two handmade wooden tables from the now-closed Peeve’s Public House and a table from the also-closed bottle shop Beer to the People. (And yes, there’s a bathroom.)

Noguera says he isn’t a beer nerd.

“The way I judge beer is, ‘Do I like it? Do I want it again?’ ” he says.

Sixty Ninety Double IPA is the beer that’s stuck around the longest. The name refers to the 60-minute boil needed while making the beer and its 90 IBU (international bitterness units) rating.

It is 8.5 percent alcohol by volume.

“For being as strong as it is, it’s described as really easy drinking with a very citrusy aroma,” he says.

Pacific Coast Porter is another beer Pine & Palm has been brewing for a while. With 6.3 percent alcohol, it has a slightly smoky flavor and is aged with cold-brew coffee from Fresno-based Lanna Coffee Co.

Noguera also likes to incorporate fruit into his beers, using lemons, tangerines, pomegranates and apricots, mostly from his backyard trees.

Pine & Palm always has beer on tap at Popolo’s Pizza and Colton’s Social House. It can often be found at craft beer bars and restaurants that carry craft beer.

Noguera plans to be selling the beer in stores soon.

Until then, he encourages people to buy a “crowler.” Not to be confused with a growler, a crowler is a 32-ounce can designed to be taken home and poured into glasses.

Noguera, meanwhile, plans to continue growing and perfecting the business. Working in insurance by day, he hopes to become a full-time brewer.

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