Bethany Clough

Retail Therapy: Vintage T-shirts, local urban wear hot items at e'rth Shop

E'rth World Imports in the Tower District sold home decor when Victoria Pallares took it over eight months ago. She renamed it the e'rth Shop and has been transforming it ever since.

The name isn't the only funky thing at the little shop at 816 Fern Ave. Now it carries an eclectic collection of art and clothing. Vintage T-shirts are a big seller, but what makes the store different is the work by local street artists, which ranges from paintings to T-shirts to stickers.

"I mix it up a lot," she says. "I'm aiming for e'rth to be a home for this local talent and to be the go-to shop for something original and locally made."

The works here have a graffiti-art feel, an urban, modern style that is far different from the art you'll find at say, HomeGoods. But even if this style of art is new to you, it's still accessible and attracts buyers of all ages.

Take Matthew Ponce's art. He started off doing graffiti art, became a tattoo artist and will soon have his paintings displayed at Arte Américas.

At e'rth, he sells small paintings featuring Native Americans or colorful orange wolves. There are hats with his logo and lots of stickers, often sold in packs.

"People will come in just for the sticker packs," Pallares says.

The stickers, or "slaps" as they're often called, aren't the kind you give to a 5-year-old.

"People put them on the street, like street art," Ponce says. "You basically give your art to the people and the people display it wherever they want."

FTK, which used to have a store in Fresno, also sells some of its T-shirts at the shop, including the "Boy Fresno" shirt.

Another artist, who goes by the name Slagger, is a rare female artist doing this style. She sells her planetary and cosmic-themed paintings at the shop.

The store features a different artist each month as part of ArtHop, which runs 5-8 p.m. on the first Thursday of the month.

The e'rth Shop is also on Facebook (, Twitter ( and Instagram. Many of the artists have their own followings on Instagram. Pallares says she does a lot of business with people who come in after seeing a piece on Instagram, or ask her to hold it for them.

Clothing is a big part of the business, too. Vintage shirts the owner posts on Instagram bring in lots of customers. Concert shirts and sports T-shirts, such as a 1980s Lakers shirt, are especially popular.

The store sells other unique items such as the "tea makes me twerk" mugs.

And it still has home decor, though Pallares is transitioning out of it. She is currently having a "make an offer" sale to get rid of home decor items such as candle holders and clocks. And Saturday is a grab-bag sale where customers can fill a bag with used merchandise for $10 as the store transitions to fall items.

The store is open 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday.