Bethany Clough

Retail Therapy: Style tips for incorporating the Americana trend into your wardrobe

The Fourth of July is coming and that means people will scour their closets for red, white and blue.

While some people can rock an outfit that looks like it was actually made from an American flag, others prefer a more subtle look. And those people are in luck because the Americana fashion trend is huge right now.

It's something you can wear beyond one day of the year, incorporating a more subdued style of red, white and blue. It's one that touches on preppy and nautical styles and sometimes vintage. It's showing up everywhere, from Old Navy to Macy's, and it's something you can put together based on what's already in your closet.

Since this trend can require a little finesse, I turned to Fresno fashion blogger and Michael Kors employee Lauren Farnoosh, who runs the blog Styled by Noosh.

"You can definitely do it in a really tasteful way that's not too cheesy or obvious," she says.


She suggests finding clothing, say a polka dot or paisley print, that has two of the three colors, such as white and blue, or white and red. Then add the third color as an accent like a necklace or a pair of shoes.

Even simpler: Pick an all red or white dress and add blue jewelry or shoes as an accent.

Some clothing that works on both the Fourth of July and as part of the Americana trend is likely already in your closet.

"Striped tops are a classic Americana staple that pair easily back to white jeans or shorts for a simple and classic July 4th look," says Old Navy spokeswoman Julie Luker.

And if that seems like too much work, Macy's is selling outfits with an "American Icon" designation. Even if you don't buy them, the displays at both the River Park and Fashion Fair stores offer inspiration for those looking for guidance.

They have examples of outfits, including white pants paired with blue tops, and separate displays of red cowboy boots and navy sneakers.

The collections — officially in stores till the end of June — include brands such as Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, I.N.C. International Concepts, MICHAEL Michael Kors and Nautica.

And if you really want to wear that bright glittery American flag cap, blogger Farnoosh recommends pairing it with all-white outfit — in itself a popular trend.

"Since the all-white outfit is so simple and fashionable itself, you could do an American flag (baseball cap), just to be a little festive, but not to be over the top," she says.