Bethany Clough

Eating Out: New sushi joint, German beer house debut in Fresno

A new sushi place has opened in northeast Fresno.

Roll One for Mi, "a sushi joint," as the sign says, is in the Via Montaña shopping center at Champlain Drive and Shepherd Avenue (the same center that's home to Yosemite Ranch).

The restaurant features a large menu, experienced sushi chefs, a marijuana pun and a co-owner who was the co-founder of the Central Valley Tea Party.

It opened on 4/20, which is a holiday of sorts in the pot-smoking world. Despite the play on words in the restaurant's name, you won't find pot on the menu.

What you will find is raw fish, cooked fish, and chicken and beef dishes, along with bento boxes -- a meal that includes a main dish, miso soup, salad and rice. The packed menu has all kinds of sushi. If you order a "Roll One for Mi," the chef decides what you get.

One option that's not on the menu? The rattlesnake roll with spicy tuna, shrimp tempura, asparagus and cream cheese wrapped in a tortilla and deep fried "like a sushi chimichanga," says co-owner Steve Wayte.

Wayte and co-owner Tom Timn are new to the restaurant business. Wayte ran a construction supply company and Timn ran a fire sprinkler business that were both taken out by the economy. But Wayte's brother-in-law Ketut Sutama, a sushi chef who worked at Sushi Day, wanted to open a restaurant. Wayte and Timn decided to back him.

They brought in two other sushi chefs who had worked at Yoshino, Wasabi and Edo-ya to open Roll One for Mi. Mi is Japanese for beauty, Wayte says.

You may have heard Wayte's name before. He's the co-founder of the Central Valley Tea Party. He used to have a radio show on KYNO called Tea Party Boot Camp Radio.

Even though Wayte likes to talk politics, Timn is quick to point out that you don't have to while you're eating.

"If you come into the restaurant, he promises not to brow beat you," he says.

For details, check out Roll One for Mi's Facebook page online.

Das Bierhaus

The Das Bierhaus in the Tower District is like a Starbucks for craft beer.

It's probably the best way to describe the new-to-the-Valley concept. Customers can pop open a cold one at the business, or they can buy a few bottles to take home.

The bottle shop has tables and a bar. If you open a bottle at Das Bierhaus, there's a $1 corkage fee required by the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control.

If you're taking the beer home, there's a "build your own six pack" mix and match special for $9.99.

For now, there's nothing on tap, although that's coming. Instead, two large coolers hold dozens of kinds of craft beer. There's locally made Riley's and Tioga-Sequoia, whose prices are deliberately kept low, says manager Saúl Aguilar.

A perusal of the cooler is entertainment itself, with the craft beer's spunky labels and names. Along with the Hops of Wrath from Turlock's Dust Bowl Brewing Co. and tangerine wheat ale from Humboldt County-based Lost Coast Brewery, there's German Weltenburger Kloster, too.

Das Bierhaus -- German for "the beer house" -- is getting some customers who discover a craft beer on tap at Spokeasy or Fresno Brewing Co. and come to Das Bierhaus looking to buy some bottles, Aguilar says.

Craft beer lover and owner Christie Wolin, who has a full-time job in radio advertising, opened the business.

"I don't drink corporate beer," she says.

Bottle shops are becoming popular in other cities and she saw a market for one here.

Das Bierhaus is at 619 E. Olive Ave., across the street from Spectrum Gallery. Details:

Other news

-- The CartHop food trucks will serve their food at Gazebo Gardens nursery from 4-9 p.m. Saturday, May 4.

It's the second such garden party-style event. Many of the trucks ran out of food at the first one, so the CartHop folks are doing it again -- and they're promising more food this time. Chinese and Hmong food truck MK Food Express will join in this time.

Diners can stroll the nursery while drinking a Tioga-Sequoia beer and listening to The Green Machine, and DJ MrLeonard.

-- Fresnan Kara Adanalian is taking her grilled banana-pineapple sausage rollups recipe to a Del Monte Cook Off Challenge in Miami.

She'll be competing against three other yet-to-named winners in the Find Your Inner Chef competition. The contest is still open to people who create a new recipe using Del Monte fruit or vegetables.

Details: or