How to have a dino-mite time in your T. rex costume

If you’re tempted to buy a tyrannosaurus rex costume after seeing so many viral videos, then you might want to high-tail it to the computer. The costumes are pretty affordable and it turns out the possibilities for use after Halloween are endless.


Boomers! Fresno meets the wrecking crew

Bulldozers worked to demolish Boomers! Fresno, which included attractions such as mini golf, go-kart racing, bumper cars, laser tag and arcade games, on Friday, Sept. 22, 2017. The park, which was located near Blackstone Avenue for 20 years, close


How to keep your pets safe during the heat wave

With temperatures in the triple digits and expected to rise, Sacramento's Front Street Animal Shelter is asking pet owners to be extra careful with their pets this week. Here are some tips from the shelter on how to keep your animals safe during t

Deputy rescues curious kitty stuck with dead mice

Glue traps or glue boards are good at catching mice. But they’re also good at snaring larger animals such as this curious kitty who got its paw stuck to the trap.