You know who POTUS is, but have you heard of BOTUS?

Marlon Bundo Pence, the Bunny of the United States, on Instagram.
Marlon Bundo Pence, the Bunny of the United States, on Instagram. Instagram screen shot

If you are looking for an escape from partisan politics, look no further than the Instagram page of Marlon Bundo (Pence).

No, he isn’t exactly a blood relative of Vice President Mike Pence, but you can say they are close. This chubby, black-spotted guy with big ears is the Pence family’s beloved bunny.

Named after famed actor Marlon Brando, Marlon Bundo has earned the title BOTUS, or bunny of the United States, and his popularity on social media is growing.

While Marlon may not be living in the White House, the vice president and his family live on the grounds of the U.S. Naval Observatory in Washington, D.C., he is the closest thing we have to an official White House pet.

You see, President Donald Trump has yet to adopt an animal and he doesn’t seem in a hurry to do so.

That’s perfectly fine for Marlon, who seems to enjoy the national limelight. Marlon stays clear of partisan politics and his 14,000-plus followers appear to like that. Although a few try to troll Marlon, he sticks to posting pictures of his bunny life, including being hugged by his mom, Charlotte Pence, the vice president’s 23-year-old daughter, hopping around the house, and playing hide and seek with Pickle, the family cat.

As BOTUS, he joins a long line of pets owned by past presidents and vice presidents. He is the first high-profile rabbit in Washington, D.C. since Zsa Zsa arrived in the 1960s with the Kennedy family, according to Presidential Pet Museum, a non-official website.

President Trump’s predecessor President Barrack Obama had Bo and Sunny, two Portuguese water dogs. Other well known White House pets included Richard Nixon’s dog Checkers and the Clinton’s family cat, Socks. President George W. Bush had six animals, including a longhorn cow named Ofelia that he kept at his Texas ranch.

If President Trump remains pet-less, he would be the first president in 150 years without an animal.

The Washington Post reported back in December that Trump might adopt a Goldendoodle named Patton, but that hasn’t happened.

Marlon made his White House debut in early May at a military appreciation event and he even thanked CNN for the coverage. Imagine that.


So honored! Thanks, @cnn !

A post shared by Marlon Bundo (Pence) (@marlonbundo) on

His biggest fans, including a few fellow bunnies like @frostythesnowbunny, @jupiterthedwarf and, have encouraged him to run for president in 2020. And even those who aren’t thrilled with President Trump have become followers.

Instagram user @netnetnettie posted this recently: “As far as I can tell, my awareness of this rabbit is the only good result of this administration. Happy fourth, you adorable fellow!”

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