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Three injured in fire in Springville area of Tulare County

A Springville area home burns early Friday.
A Springville area home burns early Friday. Tulare County Fire Department

Three people were taken to the hospital early Friday after fire broke out at a home in the Springville area of Tulare County.

Joe Rosa, a spokesman for the Tulare County Fire Department, said both fire and Tulare County Sheriff’s investigators were on scene. The fire was in the 45500 block of Balch Park Road.

According to sheriff's spokeswoman Ashley Ritchie, butane canisters were found in the home, so authorities were investigating it as a place where a honey-oil lab might have been set up. Ritchie said detectives were working to get a search warrant so they could go inside the residence.

Honey oil is manufactured with the used of butane, and powerful explosions can result when fumes from the gas come in contact with a flame source, such as a hot water heater.

In describing the injured people at the home when the fire broke out, Ritchie said: “The male suspect, 36 years old, is currently in critical condition. A 25-year-old pregnant woman is in fair condition.” And a 15-month-old was in critical condition.

She said they were transported to Community Regional Medical Center in Fresno for treatment.