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Orosi, Strathmore schedule recall votes on Nov. 4 ballot

Recall votes will be held in Orosi and Strathmore involving public utilities districts, the Tulare County Elections Office announced Tuesday. Both districts supply drinking water and operate wastewater treatment plants.

The recall elections will be on the Nov. 4 ballot.

In Orosi, board member Mary Ann Galviso, who also goes by Galbiso, faces a recall vote over not paying assessments to the district on property she owns. The district has 1,413 registered voters.

If more than half of those who vote mark yes, Galviso would be replaced by the candidate who gets the most votes. Johnny Sandoval, Keith de Zaballa and Lucy Rodriguez will have their names on the ballot.

In Strathmore, board member Rodney J. Sanders faces a recall election under the same rules.

One person, David Chandler, has filed to replace him. The district has 407 voters.