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Hanford school locked down after fights

Hanford school locked down after fights Several teenagers were arrested Thursday after two fights broke out at different parts of the Hanford West High School campus about 12:30 p.m. during the school's lunch period, said Candace McIlroy of Hanford Joint Unified School District. Fewer than 10 people were involved in the fights, but McIlroy said other students hoping to see the altercations caused a minor disturbance. Officials locked down the campus for about 30 minutes because they were concerned about the situation getting out of control, she said. Hanford police and Kings County sheriff's deputies were called to the school. Several arrests of teenagers, including some who don't attend Hanford West, were made late Thursday, according to police. Officials said the fights were likely gang-related. Classes returned to normal after the lockdown ended about 1 p.m.