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Trombone virtuoso Andy Martin slides his way into Fresno State jazz concert

Trombonist Andy Martin performs Tuesday, May 2, at Fresno State.
Trombonist Andy Martin performs Tuesday, May 2, at Fresno State.

In the trombone world, Andy Martin is definitely in first position.

“He is a tour de force,” said Alan Durst, conductor of the Fresno State Jazz Orchestra, which welcomes Martin as a soloist to a Tuesday concert. “Most of the general population has heard his work on countless soundtracks, the Grammys, Golden Globes and Academy Awards. He is literally recording an episode of ‘Family Guy’ the morning of our concert.”

These have been busy times for Fresno State’s jazz program. The jazz combo (directed by Richard Giddens) and jazz orchestra spent three days making an album at Maximus Studios in Fresno. And students traveled to the Reno Jazz Festival, giving concerts along the way to schools.

As a sought-after trombonist, Martin brings inspiration to performers through his virtuosity, sound and energy, Durst said.

“His sound is light and clean though energetic and vibrant. His performances feature chorus after chorus of inspiring improvisations while at the same time he collaborates with students and features their performances as well.”

Recording the album has been another Fresno State jazz highlight of the academic year.

“One of my favorite elements of this recording session was that it gives our students the opportunity to record in a professional studio environment,” Durst said.

The recording will include both modern and traditional jazz. Nearly half the album will feature student compositions as well as music by Bjork, Alan Ferber, Rob Curnow, Steve Weist and Fred Sturm. The goal is an early fall release in both streaming and compact disc format.

Fresno State Jazz Orchestra and Jazz Combo with Andy Martin

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