New Syfy series ‘Incorporated’ offers scary business model

Sean Teale as Ben Larson and Allison Miller as Laura Larson in the new Syfy series, “Incorporated.”
Sean Teale as Ben Larson and Allison Miller as Laura Larson in the new Syfy series, “Incorporated.” Syfy

The new Syfy series, “Incorporated,” is set in the near future where corporations have unlimited power. Ben Larson (Sean Teale) is a young executive who conceals his true identity to survive as a company man. That changes when an event forces him to compromise his position.

In addition to Teale, “Incorporated” stars Allison Miller, Eddie Ramos, Dennis Haysbert and Julia Ormond. The series was created by Alex Pastor and David Pastor.

Cast and crew offer some insights into the series:

Series creator Alex Pastor on how the series is different from the real world: “We always envisioned this show as an extreme version of our reality. We like science fiction that holds a mirror to our society and shows the things that are going on right now in a distorted, satirical way. In this case, corporations in our show have the right to make their own laws and treat their employees however they see fit and even, as it’s kind of hinted in the trailer, to torture them or execute them if they see fit. So I hope that we haven’t got into that point just yet.”

Dennis Haysbert talks about playing a menacing role: “I like it. I think as you move on in the series, you’ll see a lot of facets of Julian that you will come to like, come to be concerned with, come to fear to a certain point. But you’ll also see a lot of compassion. He is a man who’s actually trying to protect his family.

Sean Teale compares his role on “Incorporated” to his work on “Reign”: “I’m in a different type of corset. I’m still in a corset, except that it’s made out of Burberry suit as opposed to corduroy. It is a very different show, and both were great. It’s ridiculous that I’m shooting the same show in the same studio, so I’ve actually gone into the wrong costume offices a few times late at night.”

Julia Ormond discusses her character: “I think all of the characters will have had hidden motives as the series goes forward, and we’ll hopefully discover more and more. From my perspective, the people who are in the corporate world and in the Green Zone, they’re still under this psychological pressure and stress that’s sort of put on them because of this dystopia. They’re still under this stressful circumstance of having to make choices and decisions as human beings that they know are dehumanizing to other people on behalf of trying to protect their family. She’s the face of the corporation, but I’m not sure that her inner world is joyful as a result of it.”

Pastor explains how the project went from a movie to a TV series: “Having 10 hours ahead of you, hopefully multiple seasons, fingers crossed, it allows you to explore this world that you’re creating much more in depth and go for the little details, the side stories that a movie doesn’t allow you to tell. When we wrote it for the first time, we had a treatment where the first three, four pages were just world description, about rules, about how the corporations work, the division between Green Zones and Red Zones, how people go from one side to the other.”

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