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Corridor 2122 hosts the LUNA Art Collective for ArtHop

ArtHop has an international flavor this month, thanks to Leslie Batty and the LUNA Art Collective.

Batty, who has been a member of Corridor 2122 in Fresno for five years, formed LUNA with four other women artists she met while exhibiting in a Paris gallery. They decided to form a collective with “the shared idea of transcending place and exploring creative possibilities from diverse viewpoints.”

The collective’s new show, titled “Invisible Cities,” presents cultural and personal tales in response to Italo Calvino’s 1972 novel of the same name.

The exhibition is part of ArtHop, the monthly open house of studios and galleries in the downtown and Tower District neighborhoods.

Calvino, a “postmodern fabulist,” wrote a series of conversations between Marco Polo and Emperor Kublai Khan in which he describes a series of imagined cities. Some are futuristic and some are physically impossibilities, the collective’s press release notes. Each is identified with a woman’s name.

Along with Batty, the collective consists of Nicole Brauch of Seattle; Ivana Minafra of Bar-le-Duc, France; Alexandra Rouard of Saint-Cloud, a suburb of Paris; Ananda Kesler of Fairfield, Iowa.

Four of the artists will be attending the reception.

The members’ works come to different conclusions on the themes and representations in Calvino’s novel, including the feminine symbolism of the city.

Details: 2122 Mono St.,

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