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Artists you should know: Beastmaker

On its MySpace page, Fresno band Beastmaker cites its influences as "three decades of rock 'n' roll.

That's probably selling the band a little short.

The song "Shocker" sounds like it could have jumped out of the '60s, while "Nebula" has the youthful exuberance you'd expect from young rockers in 2009.

Beastmaker is Jason Griggs (guitar), Andy Saldate (drums), Edward Castillon (bass) and Trevor Church (guitar/vocals). Church is the son of Bill "Electric" Church, who played in Montrose and with Sammy Hagar.

You can see Beastmaker live at 9 p.m. Tuesday at Starline, 831 E. Fern Ave. Cover is $5. We talked to Griggs to learn more about Beastmaker.

Give us the quick back story of how the band got started. Well, myself, Andy, and Trevor have been in a lot of bands together over the years, and Beastmaker is the latest chapter in our lives.

Where does the band's name come from? It's a really good story, actually. Unfortunately, none of us can remember. I do remember us laughing a lot, though.

Describe your style and influences. Our biggest influence was a friend who is not with us anymore. He was the reason we started Beastmaker.

You guys recently changed from a trio to a four-piece. How has that affected your sound? Well, the possibilities within songwriting are opened up more with more instruments and more people to play them, so we we can take our songs into a newer and more broad spectrum.

So Trevor is the son of Bill "Electric" Church, right? Does that win you guys cool points very often? Is there some of that musical history in your sound? Wow, you did your homework. Cool points? We think it's cool. All of us have been heavily influenced by the music our parents introduced to us growing up so of course that history has found a way into our music.

What's a Beastmaker live show like? Tell us in exactly 12 words.

Fun. Come to the show Tuesday and make up 12 more words.

What should people expect from Beastmaker? What do you have in the works? More music and more shows. We have an EP recorded and we are in the process of pressing them.

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