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Artists you should know: Eve's Burden

In Fresno, Jerry Leal is perhaps best known for running Pyramid Recordings, a local studio. But Leal isn't just a behind-the-scenes guy.

His band Eve's Burden recently released its debut CD, "The Black Letter" and is working on another album.

Leal, who plays guitar, is joined in the band by Sharon Jordan-Leal (vocals), Joseph Boone (bass), Andrew Jordan (keys) and J.T. Hurt (drums).

Give us the back story for Eve's Burden. Sharon and I originally met at a studio in Los Angeles where my former band, The Electric Eels, and hers, Groundstar, were both recording. Later we joined forces in a new group called The Heritage. We then hooked up with producer Saint Charles Thurman and decided to pool our resources to form this new project as a kind of a lab experiment. The idea was to use my studio, Pyramid Recording, as a home base to concoct a new sound that was kinda funky, poppy and rocky but clean and multigenerational with philosophically uplifting story lines.

What style of music does the band play? Who would you compare it to? The album is fueled mostly by two things: primarily strong, guitar-oriented songs and potent well-executed vocals. Sharon's voice often gets compared to both Janis Joplin and Ann Wilson from Heart.

What's different about this band than others out there? The biggest difference that I can perceive is that we don't readily fall into a specific "flavor of the month" category, which can be a challenge when trying to market it. Everybody wants to classify the music into the right genre.

I know you guys are trying to spread the music nationally, how has that fared? One of our YouTube videos has nearly 200,000 hits, and if you do a Google search for Eve's Burden, you'll get about 10 pages of stuff, podcasts, interviews, etc. The music is available through iTunes and at

Have radio stations reacted pretty well? We started out trying to build a base with college and Web radio, and now it's starting to cross over into a few major stations. So far one song called "Butterfly Net" has popped up on a few indie music charts. We currently have about 300 stations total worldwide.

What should people look for from the band in the future? We're back in the lab now working on a new CD, due out in 2010. It's gonna be bigger and more poppish with horns, strings, back choir ... the works.

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