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Artists you should know: Thirteen Arrows

Meet Visalia hard rockers Thirteen Arrows -- they've only been together a year, but they've released their first CD and are playing shows around the Valley.

Thirteen Arrows plays Friday night at Crossroads, 3315 N. Cedar Ave., in Fresno, on a bill that's headed by metal band Dead Garden. Showtime is 8 p.m. Cover is $5.

Thirteen Arrows recorded its debut CD, "Falling Fast," at Sound City Studios in Van Nuys. We talked about that and more with the band.

How did the band get together? As associates through work and friendship, Danny Bartlett, Jacob Mittel, Isaac Mendoza and Mike Adams formed the early stages of Thirteen Arrows in early 2008. After recording the album, we eventually picked up Gabriel Ziessler in early 2009. Now with the five of us, the sound is more sophisticated and solid.

What's the meaning behind your name? The American Seal, which is located on the back of the dollar bill, contains a eagle holding thirteen olive branches in its right talon symbolizing a time of peace, and thirteen arrows in its right talon for time of war. This represents our understanding of how a time of struggle can affect our lives, and how we must inevitably fight through it to succeed.

Describe your sound and your influences. Our sound is very collaborative. It is difficult to define. Everyone in the band seems to be influenced by completely different sources, and it creates an innovative and progressive opus. Sources along the way include classical, rock, blues, jazz, gospel, fusion and funk.

You guys recorded your CD at fancy Sound City Studios in Van Nuys. What was that like? It was amazing. Experiencing a professional studio atmosphere only added to our need to proceed in our drive to succeed. Having the opportunity to walk down the halls of platinum records from artists such as Johnny Cash, Elton John, Green Jello, Slipknot, Weezer, Nirvana, Dio and many more was exhilarating.

Tell us about the CD. What stands out about it to you? It's our first full-length album, and we are very proud of it. However, we only feel it is the beginning of a bigger and better project. We have grown a lot since we have been in the studio, and when the next album makes its debut, we feel it is going to really show our full potential.

What's the best thing about your live show? The energy both on stage and in the audience. We are not a part-time band, and the live experience is always just as good as the studio sound. Critics say the sound on the CD does not do the live show justice.

What should people look forward to from Thirteen Arrows? People should look forward to music. Period. We plan on delivering something new and creative every time we step on stage, and our only hope is that everyone is ready for it.

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