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Artists you should know: The Blue Gliders

The youngsters like to rock, too.

The Blue Gliders are Fresno's own tween rock trio, made up of Mikey Peralas, 11, Jaxx Kelly, 8, and Zac Burt, 10. The group plays classic rock-inspired tunes.

You can see them Friday on the KMPH (Channel 26) "Great Day" morning show; then at Saturday's Shaver Lake Brewfest they'll take the stage with Trey Tosh at about 1 p.m. The event runs noon-5 p.m. at Shaver Lake Community Ballpark.

We talked with Mikey (bass), Jaxx (guitar) and Zac (guitar and vocals) to learn more about The Blue Gliders.

How did kids your age get into playing music?

Zac: I began about the age of 5 when my dad bought me my first little electric guitar. I was hooked, and jammed along to "Smoke on the Water" and "Iron Man." He would play the drums with me. Mikey started bass at the age of 9, and Jaxx started guitar at the age of 8.

Describe your sound and influences.

Zac: Rock, pop and punk -- it's kinda Green Day meets AC/DC.

What does the name Blue Gliders mean?

Mikey: I wanted something to do with "Blue" in the name, and it was down to many options including the Blue Mustangs. Zac and I agreed on the Blue Gliders.

You're playing a beer festival this weekend in Shaver. A litle bit weird?

Jaxx: It's a little bit weird, but we get free root beer, so it's no big deal. We don't care what the adults drink.

Who responds better to your music, other kids or adults?

Mikey: Adults seem to respond better to the music because it's mostly classic rock, so they totally relate to it. Kids love it, too, though, 'cause they see people their own age doing something cool.

What's your favorite part of being in a band?

Jaxx: We get to play concerts, make money, and make people smile.

Five years from now, where do you see the Blue Gliders?

Zac: In five years I see us playing more clubs and bigger shows around the area -- and playing more of our own music. We have about six songs right now. You can find us on myspace at

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