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Artists you should know: Roadhouse

It's no Patrick Swayze movie -- Roadhouse is actually a local classic rock cover band that's playing Saturday's Sudz in the City festival at Chukchansi Park.

In the past, you might have seen Roadhouse at events such as Thunder in the Park.

Consisting of Ted Gomez (guitar), Robert Goff (vocals), Tony Tavarez (bass), Mike Sarrett (guitar), Ernie Alfaro (drums), and Shawn Gomez (sound), the band has a deep catalog of rock favorites.

We talked to band founder Ted Gomez to learn more.

How did Roadhouse get together? We got together through mutual friends to play private parties and some of the local clubs in the Hanford/Visalia Area. Eventually, it just grew into doing local fairs, casinos and a lot of events around the Valley.

Give us an idea of your catalog of covers. We have been moving toward more Southern rock material. It's great when you have two guitar players that fit that style well and it's the vocal range for our lead vocalist to do his stuff. To get a better idea of what we cover, visit our Web site. We are always adding songs and currently have 200 songs we choose from whenever we decide to do an event.

What's one song you do really well? Tough question, there are so many! "One Way Out" by the Allman Brothers.

There are a lot of rock cover bands out there. What makes you different? It would have to be our list of songs that we can choose from. We are always learning new material, keeps us fresh. Most bands have a song list of 30-40 songs tops. So if you see them once or twice, the excitement's gone. With Roadhouse you never know what we will be throwing at you for the next show. We have a lot of fun on stage and that really comes across to the audience.

On a typical weekend, where could someone find you playing? Mostly in the Hanford/Visalia area. City events, club dates, private parties and we like doing community events, giving back something and time for those with special needs.

Have you played Sudz in the City before? What are you expecting for this weekend? This will be our first time for Sudz in the City, with the exception of Mike Sarrett and Frank Alsing [who is sitting in with the band on drums Saturday]. They have played the Sudz event with former bands they were in. Doing events is our specialty -- love the crowds and all the excitement that a well-planned event can produce. Sudz is one of Fresno's biggest events; looking forward to a great turnout.

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