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Artists you should know: Clouded Vision

Clouded Vision has been quiet.

The rock/reggae band, which used to pack places such as Starline, spent some time working on a new album and honing its sound.

With the album out and a music video shot, Clouded Vision returns to headline Starline, 831 E. Fern Ave., at 9 p.m. today. Cover is $5. Midnight Surfers, Sam Fragoza and Fault Line also play.

We chatted with Clouded Vision frontman Kevin Hiyashi to learn more about what the band has been up to.

Tell us about the new album. What stands out about it to you? The new album is a big thing for us. We've had these songs, but not recorded well. We finally got this opportunity -- cutting a deal with Studio 180 and they helped us get this album done. What sticks out to us about the album is that it shows our diversity. We don't write music to sound like one style. This album has 17 songs in it and they are all unique. There are acoustic songs, rock, reggae, blues, punk rock, and we even feature Roscoe Umali on our track "Murderer."

What's your favorite song on the album and why? I don't know if there is a favorite song, but I really like "A Better Way," which we just released the video for. I like the message and it comes from my heart. I see a lot of people just stuck in a rut and unhappy, working and in a daily routine of unhappiness. Just trying to pay the bills and not enjoying the beauty of life.

How has your sound progressed during the recording of the album? There is nothing like being in the studio all day, every day. That helped us grow more than anything. Living music all day and all night, in the car, listening to rough tracks while laying in bed, in the shower at the gym. So basically we just grew. And it helped open our eyes to what we could be.

You guys have a new music video that looks professional. What was the process of making the video like? It was awesome. We hired a great director, Punit Dhesi, and a great lighting crew. It was a long 15-hour day of shooting, smoking, eating pizza, smoking and shooting. Long day, but it's just another progressive step in music. I hope musicians, or anyone actually out there, can read this interview and get inspired. The more you progress, the more fun it gets. Videos are a great part of that.

It has been a while since you guys were playing regularly at Starline. Are you looking forward to getting back there? Definitely. I miss that place. This is gonna actually be the first show with this specific group of guys. Doug Gambero at bass and Blake Reynolds at drums. We can't wait to rock it out.

What else should we look for from you guys in the coming months? A new album, new songs, new videos, new merch and more shows. We're just trying to write and work on a great live performance. We're playing all around California, so check us out on for our updates.

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