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Artists you should know: Radagun

Fresno rock band Radagun is on the fast track.

In just about a year the band got together, put out an album, made enough noise to make it into Alternative Press, had its video featured on and much more.

The group has a free acoustic show at 6 p.m. today at Hot Topic in Fashion Fair mall. It's also gearing up for a date at Six Flags Magic Mountain in April.

While Radagun's rep continues to grow, Fresnans would be wise to learn more about the band -- Aimee Ortiz (vocals), Todd Low (drums) Jordan Pyles (rhythm guitar) and Shawn Stephens (lead guitar). We talked to Ortiz to learn more about Radagun.

Tell us how Radagun got started. It actually started out with Todd on his acoustic guitar writing some songs, and he asked if I would write some lyrics to them. So I did, and then it turned into recording them. And now our lives revolve around the band. I was totally tricked into this.

So Rademacher, Radagun -- Fresno has some rad bands, huh? Yeah, starting your bands name with R-A-D is a growing trend among talented bands with ambition.

Describe your guys' style and influences. We're influenced by everything we hear, from pop to rap. Someone once described it as what would happen if Panic! At The Disco and Taking Back Sunday had a baby, and that baby had a female singer.

Give us one odd fact about the band. We found all our members on Craigslist!

What's your favorite thing about your album? That it's music I like to listen to. It's really fun to perform. I would totally buy it if I didn't get it for free. Actually take that back, it cost me quite a bit more than $10.

What are Radagun's plans now that the CD is out? We're going to push our music video, it should be on On Demand by the end of March, and will hopefully get on Fuse and MTV. We're going to do some radio promotion. We're going to tour, and then start working on the video for our second single. We've also already begun writing new songs for the next album. We're definitely not into wasting time.

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