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Artists you should know: Janyce Moomjian

Janyce Moomjian is all about the voice.

She's a voice coach and musician who has recorded three CDs, teaches school choirs and is involved in the upcoming Clovis Choral Festival (March 30-31).

How did you first get interested in singing? I grew up with a family in love with music and with an older sister who played the piano. She is one of the choral directors for Clovis Unified School District. As a child, I studied the piano and I sang along with about everything, so my parents sent me to local renowned voice teacher Dorothy Renzi.

Why did you make the leap from someone who was interested in singing to becoming a vocal coach? After singing a demanding role with a bronchial infection, I damaged my voice to the extent that doctors feared I would never sing again. But after moving to Southern California, I began to work with the famous singer Hernan Pelayo and voice builder Stephan Kemalyan. My voice healed and grew to the point that it could break glass.

Tell us a little about the three CDs you have out. "Velvet Voice Building" is my CD for beginning voice training, which is perfect for those who need vocal help without the fear of coming to a voice teacher. "Velvet Inspirational And Christian Music" is my performance CD ... "Velvet Lullabies And Children's Music" ... features me singing and playing piano in eight original compositions for children.

Where can people pick them up? Through my Web site and are also on display at Kuykendall's Music Center as well as Majesty Bible and Gifts.

Tell us what to expect at the upcoming Clovis Choral Festival. The Spring Elementary Choral Festival will be held March 30 and 31 beginning at 9 a.m. It features CUSD elementary school choirs, directors and pianists performing three to four songs each in a highly organized competition.

Where can people get more information about you and what you do? Anyone interested can review my Web site or contact me at P.O. Box 3264 Pinedale, CA 93650 or e-mail at

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