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Artists you should know: Espacio

In the last few months, a kinda-jazz, kinda-funk, kinda- experimental band named Espacio has been making a name for itself in Fresno music circles.

And if you look at the names of the band members, there's no question why. Espacio is Eva Scow on mandolin, Kevin Hill on bass, Mike Taylor on guitar and Nathan Guzman playing drums -- a lot of well-known local talent in that lineup.

This week, Espacio was preparing for a big show with a jazz trio of Scow plus guitarist Dusty Brough and percussionist Keith Terry. It's happening at 7:30 p.m. today at Frank's Place (1400 Fulton St., next to Warnors Theatre). Tickets cost $10.

We talked to Espacio's Guzman to learn more about the new Fresno supergroup and its future.

Tell us about the genesis of Espacio. Espacio is more or less the result of friends who wanted to just get together and pursue their passion for creating great music.

What's the style of music you're going after? I am not sure if we are really going after any particular style. Maybe it's more like we are trying to discover what we can make when we blend our different styles (rock, jazz, funk, Latin and Brazilian, just to name a few) and influences as we pursue an honest and sincere form of music.

What's different about this project from what you are doing in other bands? I think the main difference is that the four of us are in this project. I know that sounds like a dumb thing to say but we play music with a lot of people, and everyone that we play with is different and has something different to bring to the table. It's like having friends. I'm not sure if you're every really done making friends in your lifetime, and every friendship is different because of the individuals who are in the friendship.

You have played a few times around town in the past few months, what was the response been like? Amazing, and that makes us really excited to get out and play more.

What do you think is the best thing about your live show? Our energy and how clearly our commitment to making great music come across from on the stage (live music beats recorded music, hands down, every time).

What are the big-picture plans for Espacio? We are still trying to figure that out, for now we are preoccupied with our current goals of writing and playing.

Tell us else to expect on Friday night? An amazing performance by a world-class percussionist, Keith Terry. If nothing else, come out to see this amazing and talented musician perform with two local musicians who are equally talented and amazing: Dusty Brough and Eva Scow.

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