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Artists you should know: Stoneshiver

Fresno rockers Stoneshiver are back with a new album, "Welcome to the Show," which will celebrated at a CD-release party Saturday.

Doors open at 7 p.m. at Starline, 831 E. Fern Ave. Something From the Planet Hell also will perform. Tickets cost $5.

We talked to guitarist James Davis to see what he and the rest of Stoneshiver -- Jesse Wilkin (vocals), Alfredo Jimenez (bass) and Phil Hernandez (drums) -- have been up to lately.

What's been up with Stoneshiver since the last CD? Except for taking time off for the album, Stoneshiver has been keeping busy continuing the promotion of the first album, "The Tragedy" and testing material out in the live setting for "Welcome to the Show." Along the way, we had the chance to play with absolutely tremendous musicians and bands like Adema and Powerman 5000 and tour all over California trying to develop some support on a broader audience.

How has the band's sound grown in that time? For the most part, our sound gained a much heavier and darker feel that reflected where we were at personally in the writing process.

For someone unfamiliar with your band, give us the equation of Stoneshiver's sound. You'd have to really mix a lot of stuff to get a big enough picture; really there is a little of everything from Linkin Park to Mudvayne, from Breaking Benjamin to Red, with a side of Korn, Incubus, and 311 thrown in.

Why'd you title the album "Welcome to the Show"? Everything we write has a direct reflection to something that has happened to one of us or a friend of the band, so in a way that is more than a little sarcastic. It says "step right up and see the little slice of messed up existence we call life." Kinda like sitting on the side of freeway after just being in an accident and yelling to everyone who cannot stop gawking at someone's most terrible moment.

What's your favorite song on the album? Naturally, every track is the best song we ever wrote, so it's unfair to have to pick favorites. But a couple that rise out as being staples of every set list are definitely "Skin," for its just straight-ahead, unadulterated, angry energy, and "Jackal," for the depth and complexity that we were able to deliver in the studio.

You do everything yourself -- produce, record, mix -- why? We knew that doing it ourselves held some real challenges but the benefits were just far bigger. It came down to knowing that being able to work on the project until 3 a.m. any night of the week was going to fit in our schedule easier than trying to produce creativity on someone else's clock.

After the CD-release party, what's coming up for Stoneshiver? There will be a few live shows here in town and more throughout the western United States. Most of our efforts will be focused on getting into some larger scale festivals and increasing our Internet presence and sales through iTunes and other vendors.

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