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Artists you should know: Glen Delpit

If you don't know Glen Delpit, you're probably not too familiar with Fresno's music scene.

Delpit's been a fixture on the local scene for years -- playing bluesy folk music as a solo musician and lively roots rock with his band The Subterraneans.

Delpit has released a new CD, "Moon Goin' Down," and is celebrating the release at his regular happy hour spot at 5:30 p.m. today at Club Fred, 1426 N. Van Ness Ave.

We talked to Delpit about the new project, his legacy and Fresno.

What were you aiming for with this new CD? Just a collection of recent songs that I've written and been playing for a while. There's always the need to put out something new. People always want something they can take home with them.

How do you think Fresno shows itself in your music? Well, there is a song called "Highway 99" on it, but other than that, I'm not sure how it's been influenced by living here. I try to strive for a wider appeal.

You worked with some big local names like John Clifton, Jemmy Bluestein and Roger Perry. Can Glen Delpit pretty much get anybody he wants on a song? Well maybe. But they happen to be old friends. I do think there's a real sense of community here among musicians, and I like to think that I could call up Eva Scow or Patrick Contreras and they would contribute, too.

Looking back, what would you say is your favorite accomplishment musically? Being able to play my own songs and have people enjoy them and other musicians record them.

You're doing your CD celebration today at the regular happy hour spot you play at Club Fred. How long have you been doing that and why has it been such a consistent success? I played for 11 years every Friday at Club Fred when Fred owned it. Left for a year or so and came back when Audie asked me a couple of years ago to play every other week, but the main thing has been the consistency. People know that I'll be there and they can show up and have a good time and hear some good music.

What's the best thing about your live performance? Well, I like to think that it's of a high quality, that it's unique, and something you might hear in a big city, a la New York, Chicago or San Francisco, and it's of an intimate nature. I think a good time is had by all.

Where can people pick up the CD? You can get them at the live performances, or they can e-mail me at and I'll send them one.

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