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Artists you should know: Poplord

Since we last saw Poplord on these pages, the poptastic duo has become a trio, and the band's debut album has spawned a second.

Poplord will release "Full/Filled" on Satur- day night with a show at Tokyo Garden, 1711 Fulton St. The show starts at 9 p.m. Cover is $5.

We talked to Tom Magill (vocals, keyboards, guitar), who spoke the Poplord gospel on behalf of bandmates Stan Schaffer (vocals, drums) and new member Craig Daniel (guitar, vocals).

What has changed with the band between this CD and the last? We're a year older, and that much closer to Social Security. Oh, we also added a "real" guitarist, Craig Daniel, to the fold. Our plan is to add another new member with each new CD release until we collapse under our own weight.

How has a third member caused your sound to evolve? Well, we're definitely louder now (we go to 11). Our CD is a little more rocky as a result. Live, we now have that cool third harmony we've been craving because we're harmony freaks.

What's the story behind the CD title? Craig came up with that idea, but I think it has to do with glass-half-full optimism. He pictured a gas gauge with the "E" changed to "F," so you're always full whichever way the needle points; kinda tied to the current gas price thing. It'll probably sell two extra copies as a result. It's a marketing ploy really.

You guys seem keen to the idea of catchy songs. What's the key to writing something catchy? We just follow the classics: Disco Tex, Miley Cyrus, Air Supply, Motorhead.

What can people expect from your show on Saturday night? The best original pop in Fresno. We've been working on our choreography. Ask Stan to do his hip Davy Jones dance. And you may see an appearance of our now famous shiny red shirt. It does to Craig what spinach does to Popeye. Plus we're giving our CD free with paid admission.

You guys are playing at Tokyo Garden, known as a hot spot for younger indie rock in town. I've always thought you guys could go over with that crowd. What do you think? Yeah, we're incredibly old and decrepit, but we feel we're still relevant in today's music scene. Tokyo has a good vibe, and people are appreciative of all kinds of music there. Imagine, after playing music locally for 25 years each, we're finally breaking into the scene.

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