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Artists you should know: Circles and Circles

Circles and Circles is getting ready to blow out some candles.

The indie rock band celebrates its one-year anniversary at 9 p.m. Tuesday at Starline, 831 E. Fern Ave., with Ready Aim Fire, Akasha and Aspen Hollow. Cover is $3.

Circles and Circles was founded from the remnants of A Pageant's End, when Pageant members Luke Freeman and Aaron Johnson joined Mike Morris (formerly of Atari Champ and other local bands) and part-time contributor Jonathan Hadden (who has the solo project Jonah and the Whale).

Unlike a lot of other indie rock bands, within Circles and Circles you'll find a xylophone and beat machine rather than a bass player and a drummer.

We caught up with Freeman about the band's sound, its EP, its influences and birthday cake.

What are the big differences between Circles and Circles and A Pageant's End? One is new, and one is old. One is a baby, and one is a grandpa.

What makes Circles and Circles different from other indie rock bands in town? We don't have live drums or bass. I think we stand out. Sometimes it's good thing, and sometimes it's a bad thing.

What has influenced your guys' sound? Headphones. Thom Yorke. Buffalo 66. Sufjan Stevens. The Postal Service. Grandaddy. Wes Anderson. Air. Danielson Family. Jim Jarmusch. Eidetic Records.

Tell us about this EP you recently put out. It has six songs, what appears to be a tree on the cover and no title or anything ... We did everything ourselves. Each CD is handmade, which means there are no two exactly alike. We have little get-togethers with our friends, watch a movie, have some drinks and pump them out. It's very DIY. We just ask for a donation for the CD, and then you're able to stamp the one you buy with a Circles and Circles stamp. The stamp was made by Aaron's wife, Shanti.

You're having your one-year anniversary show Tuesday. We hear about this a lot with bands that have been around for years, but one year? Is that a big accomplishment for you guys? I think we are all very proud of how much we have accomplished in one year, plus there will be free cake.

Is there a goal for year No. 2? Hopefully, by this time next year, we'll have our second CD out and a full three-week tour under our belts.

Why should someone come out to the show on Tuesday night? It's only 3 bucks, and you'll get some free cake.

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