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Artists you should know: Jonah and the Whale

As his previous band was falling apart, Jonathan Hadden started to do his own thing.

Hadden was part of Winter Wardrobe, a beloved Fresno indie band that called it quits last September.

Hadden's own endeavor is Jonah and the Whale, a one-man band playing folk/indie tunes.

His music is part of a show at 6 p.m. Saturday at The Metal Mansion, 1709 N. Van Ness Ave. Also performing: Circles and Circles, World's Fastest, and Tokyo Death March. Cover is $3.

Here's the scoop on Jonah and the Whale from Hadden:

So I'm guessing you're Jonah. Who's the whale? The whale, I suppose, could be my guitar. I do have a goal to make a big whale costume to play in one day, so keep your eyes peeled for that one.

Jokes aside, what's the story behind the project? I started writing music on my own and playing shows by myself because my former band was never able to play. So, it just sorta grew into my own consistent project.

Why do the name that sounds like a whole band when it's just one person? Is it an indie thing? A religious thing? I really do intend to add more people to Jonah and the Whale, I just need to find the right folks. As far as the name goes, I would say it has religious inspiration to it. I thought Pedro the Lion was clever, but I'm afraid I'm 10 years too late to name myself that.

What artists have influenced your style? I think artists like Elliott Smith, M. Ward, Neil Young, Sufjan Stevens and Jeff Tweedy have greatly paved the way on how I play and strive to present my music.

What's your live show like? I would describe it like going to your grandparents' house and hearing your grandpa play old mellow folk ditties on an antique guitar that's from The Great Depression while he sipped whiskey from a flask in between songs. It's really mellow stuff.

What should people look forward to from Jonah and the Whale? I have a recording that is coming out hopefully in the next couple months as well as a show this Saturday at The Metal Mansion. I also will be adding more folks to the music outfit soon.

What are the chances of a Winter Wardrobe reunion? Very, very unlikely. I don't even know where the bass player went. I think he is living deep in the woods somewhere along the Sierra Nevada.

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