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Artists you should know: The Martyrs

Punk/ska band The Martyrs are leaving Fresno for a month to tour the western U.S.

Made up of Nathanael Felon (vocals/guitar), Chri$ Money (bass), Frick (guitar) and RyanCo. (drums) -- obviously not their real names -- the band will be on the road through June and has a new EP in the works.

There's a tour kick-off concert tonight at The Innersection, 626 E. Olive Ave. (behind The Revue). The show starts at 8 p.m. and has a $3 cover charge.

We talked to RyanCo. to learn more about the tour, the EP and the band.

Describe your sound and what influenced it. New school punk rock with ska undertones. MxPx was a big influence on us. We have punk, ska and even hard-core influences.

What's the backstory of the band? Nate and I met at a show in 2006 and started playing shows shortly after. After replacing the former bass player with my twin brother Chris, we started touring. In early 2008, we added a second guitarist, mutual friend, Frick.

You guys have a pretty intense tour scheduled throughout June, going to Texas, Kansas, Utah and more. What are you doing to get ready? Putting the finishing touches on our sophomore EP, titled "Z-Day." We've been planning this tour since January, and it's all come together really well with help from friends and fans.Is there a show you're looking most forward to? I think we're all excited for the Kansas shows. They were the first people to book us, so we ended up booking the rest of the tour with Kansas as a midway point.

What's the best part of your live show? The energy of the music mixed with each member's distinct personality makes for a fun show.

What can you tell us about your CD that's in the works? We've grown a lot as a band, so we're able to put a lot more effort into this EP. We've got Mike Herrera of MxPx doing guest vocals, so I think we're coming into a sound that's all our own.

Why should someone be a fan of The Martyrs? If you like to support local music, have a good time, and like high fives, then you should be a fan of The Martyrs.

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