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Artists you should know: The Kids' International

Ben Bartel, David Shaw and Berto Vicente were playing in a hard-core/screamo band when they decided they needed a change of style.

"Let's write music that anyone could come to a show and enjoy," Bartel says.

They added guitarist Ryan Woolsey, and soon, The Kid's International was born. Its next show is 9 p.m. Tuesday at Starline, 831 E. Fern Ave., with Goodbye Elliott, Murdoc and others. Cover is $5.

We got more of the band's story from frontman Bartel.

What's the tale behind the band's name? The Kid's International? Hah, it started out as a joke of sorts. David is from Switzerland. Berto is from Mexico, and I'm from the U.S., so we joked about it, not really planning on it. Then someone came to our practice and asked who we were, so we just blurted out "The Kid's International," and it stuck.

Describe the band's style. I guess I would say it's "feel-good summer rock." Something that you'd listen to while on a road trip. We just wanted to make something different.

I know you guys are close to putting out a CD. What can you tell us about that? We recorded our album with Something in the Water Records, with our good friend Dustin Medeiros as our sound engineer. It's taken us four months of recording, but now we're finally finished, and are about to release a seven-track EP titled "Don't Go North."

Seems like you guys have been able to develop a nice fan base online. You got all these people adding "international" to their names. Are you guys just really charming? Well, in our radio interview, our drummer plugged the fact that he was single like eight times. But charming? I don't think so. We just try and create a good relationship with our fans, rather than just dismiss them. We hang out, we chat with them, and at our shows, it feels more like you're hanging out with a bunch of friends than just watching a show. I swear, if just one guy in the band can get a girlfriend out of this, it will be a success.

Who's cooler: Kid's International or Kids Incorporated? I'm going to go out on a limb, and say we're a little more up to date than the Kids show, but then again, isn't that where Jennifer Love Hewitt got her start? Yeah, Berto would date her. So ... us?

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