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Artists you should know: The Human Project

This week, The Human Project sat alongside Linkin Park and Amy Winehouse on the front page of

And what exactly is The Human Project, you ask? It's the moniker of Visalia singer/songwriter Loyd Vandergriff.

Vandergriff, nicknamed "The Human," is something of a wonder in online music promotion. His Southern-tinged blues/rock songs have done well on various online music charts, and much like his 2006 Human Project debut, "The Real Stuff," the follow-up "Humanized" (released in February) is getting rave reviews. We got the scoop from Vandergriff.

Explain your nickname, The Human, and The Human Project for us.

Some of my college buddies and friends nicknamed me The Human. I always had good music, and the good times rolled when I was around. When I began to write and record, The Human Project was a natural.

What influences your music?

My Southern roots have a big influence. I was born in Georgia. My dad and his family all played instruments growing up. I have listened to a lot of music over the years. It all finds its way into my songs.

What's most exciting about the new CD, "Humanized?"

The critical reception it is getting from all over, overseas included. People dig the songs, the sound and the variety. Five songs are charting high on various sites right now.

It seems to me you're getting pretty good at getting Internet exposure through sites such as and What's your secret?

Stations are dying for good, original music, and my songs seem to fit the bill. They tell good stories that people can relate to. Listeners dig the old-school sound and groove. It's got a real organic feel.

Yet you're not one of those guys out playing somewhere every weekend. Do you prefer writing and recording to playing live?

I really would like to play live a little more often, but it's hard to strike a balance because I don't want to do it full time. So, I am content to write and record. I have written 19 original songs that span across two albums in the past two years.

Where can people buy the new CD?

At or

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