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Artists you should know: From Indian Lakes

It's a busy week for local rock band From Indian Lakes, which has its CD-release party tonight, followed by two Starline shows, then a California tour that starts Wednesday.

The band plays at 8 p.m. Friday at Kuppajoe, 3673 N. First St., then at 8:30 p.m. Saturday at Starline, 831 E. Fern Ave., then again at Starline at 8 p.m. Tuesday. That last show is a tour benefit for From Indian Lakes and Buffalo Guns, who will be touring together for three weeks afterward.

From Indian Lakes takes it name from its beginnings in the small mountain community near Coarsegold. We talked to singer/guitarist Joey Vannucchi about that, the new CD and more.

Give us a quick background on the band. Where are you from? How'd you get started? When?

It started with me recording some demos in Indian Lakes at a friend's studio about a year ago. When people started responding to it positively on MySpace, I got some friends together from past bands to play a show. It went well, so we continued to play.

So three Fresno shows in five days -- what are you doing to get ready? With the shows coming up and the tour, we have just been preparing as best as we can for being in a van for a month. We just got some shirts in, and we have been trying to get as many CDs made as possible.

You said in an e-mail that you are the only band in your genre in the Valley. What makes your sound different?

Most of the other bands in the Valley have a sound that they are really going after. I can't really tell you what genre we truly want to be in, so when a song is finished, we say to ourselves, "This sounds completely different than our other stuff." And it makes our sound pretty hard to categorize.

Who are your influences?

We are all in this band because we have been influenced by passion, whether it is heavy- or soft-sounding. We really like some metal bands, like Between the Buried and Me or The Chariot, and we also listen to quieter stuff like Copeland and Sufjan Stevens. Whatever makes us feel like we can be a part of the music. That's what we want to create.

What should people expect from your new EP?

The EP is a little more energetic than previous recordings. It's not just me anymore, so it has a much heavier feeling. It's pretty intense the whole time. We want to save some room for our next studio project, which will slow down a little.

What are you guys hoping to get out of the tour coming up?

We just want people to see us and hear our music. We want to meet people and gain friendships. Hopefully people will see that we have something different to offer than the band they saw play on stage before us.

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