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Artists you should know: HateFX

Metal band HateFX is releasing its first full-length CD tonight, with a concert at Starline, 831 E. Fern Ave.

Building from the buzz of its first EP "Via Obscura" and its dynamic live show -- HateFX has become one of the top metal bands in Fresno in just a couple of years.

We got more details from frontman Gabriel Almazan, who before moving to Fresno from Chile played in a band called Dogma, which released six albums and got play on MTV-LA.

Tonight's show starts at 9 p.m. Nativeburn, Hell Bent, Eminent and 1AD7 also are on the bill. Tickets cost $15.

Give us a quick history of HateFX. We've been playing for about two years. We got together through MySpace, and we have been very active since. We've shared the stage with national acts like Static X, Exodus, Five Finger Death Punch, etc. We are here for the long haul and want to expose our music to as many people as we can.

It seems like HateFX has been able to achieve a lot in a short time. What's the secret? We don't have the secret. But we always try to have something in the works. As you know the "devil's in the details;" therefore, we pay attention to details.

You're originally from Chile, right? How did you end up in Fresno? Yes I am. The opportunity came along to come here, and I like it. Also part of a mission started by fellow compatriot Tom Araya, of Slayer, back in the '80s to Chileanize U.S. Metal!

Fresno's always been a hard-rocking town. What do you think separates you from other metal bands in town? You are right, there are a bunch of good bands in town. For us, it is the blend of different textures in our music and exploring outside of the generic metal genre. We try to keep things interesting and put special attention to our live performances incorporating stage props and visual elements.

Friday night is the release of your new CD, "The Holy Frail." What went into recording the CD? All kinds of efforts. The album is something that we are taking very seriously. We are concentrating in keeping a clean yet heavy sound, an artwork designed specifically by an artist who lives in London, and some arrangements that could almost fall into mainstream -- a dangerous mix. We also have guests participating from Fresno, Chile, Sweden, etc. You guys should check it out; we are using all our expertise and links to go beyond expectations.

What do you hope this project will do for you? This project should expand our reach to different audiences and take us one step further in our career, get more endorsement deals, bigger shows, et cetera. "The Holy Frail" will go down on our permanent record, and we are going to use this album to branch out and get bigger and better things for the band.

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