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‘All Star’ band Smash Mouth plays Fulton 55

7 p.m. Saturday, April 18 / Fulton 55, 875 Divisadero St. / $25-$30 / (559) 412-7400,

Smash Mouth started playing in San Jose in 1994. The band (known for campy, party rock anthems like “Walking on the Sun”) should be reclassified as classic-rock at this point.

Smash Mouth has sold close to 10 million albums and had a series of radio hits in the late-90s. If you were in high-school at the time, you probably still know the words to “All Star.” Others, will remember the band from the “Shrek” films.

Last year, Universal Records released the Smash Mouth best-of “ICON Series.” A live album is scheduled for release later this year.

The band plays a show Saturday night at Fulton 55 with locals Leather Serpent, Sharks of Dance, The Jacktones, The Red Coats, Days Under Authority, Valkyrie Missile, WesthowarD, For The Record and Jesse Lee Humphry.