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We Are Harlot releases new music, to play April 3 at Strummer’s

The band is playing a rare series of club shows before hitting the festival circuit

The song “Denial” was picked up as the new theme song for WWE’s “Monday Night Raw.”

If you’ve looking for a band that plays ’80s rock that doesn’t sound dated, here you have it


We Are Harlot started its career in reverse.

The band’s first show was at last year’s Rock on the Range, a massive three-day music festival in Columbus, Ohio, that included headliners Guns N’ Roses, Avenged Sevenfold and Kid Rock.

The band didn’t have an album yet, and no fans to speak of.

“They couldn’t sing along to the songs, because they hadn’t heard them,” says Jeff George, who started the Los Angeles rock band with former Asking Alexandria singer Danny Worsnop, drummer Bruno Agra and bassist Brian Weaver.

Since that first show, We Are Harlot has earned attention of music magazines like Alternative Press and Rock Sound. Both had the band on its list of “most anticipated” albums of 2015. Metal Hammer magazine nominated We Are Harlot as best new band in this year’s Golden Gods awards and the band’s first single “Denial” was picked up by WWE as the new theme song for Monday Night Raw.

“We’re not a band that starts small,” George says.

Still, the formation of the band wasn’t contrived. George met Worsnop at a New Year’s Eve party, where the two had a few drinks and spent the night exchanging crazy ideas, the kind that normally come to nothing.

“In L.A. that happens every day,” George says, who didn’t even know Worsnop was already in a another, rather popular metal band at the time.

Two days later, the pair started playing together. Within several months they had recruited a full band and written more than 100 songs of boozey, blusey retro-rock that comes off a bit like Aerosmith, if Aerosmith hadn’t been around since 1970.

Six of those songs made it to the band’s self-titled debut, which was released on Tuesday, March 31, on Roadrunner Records.

The release comes just in time for spring touring season and the band is already scheduled to play several festivals, including this year’s Rock on the Range and the BFD Festival with Rob Zombie and Halestorm.

Before that though, the band has a series of markedly smaller shows at clubs like Strummer’s. The band plays an all-ages show 7:30 p.m. Friday, April 3. It’s something We Are Harlot hasn’t done in awhile and George is looking forward to being on stage without a 10-foot barricade between him and the crowd. He’s also excited to have the time to really meet the fans.

The Fresno date is second on the tour, and the show might not be perfect, George says.

Of course, that’s all part of the fun.

“It’ll be an honest rock and roll show that is going to sound like a real rock and roll band,” he says.