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'Love Stories' maps cynic's rocky road of romance

The Rogue Performance Festival in Fresno's Tower District continues this week, with performances through Saturday. The Bee's entertainment staff has posted reviews for several of the shows at, including "A Cynic Tells Love Stories," which plays again tonight. Here's Kathy Mahan's review of that show:

Katherine Glover is engaging, witty, poignant and funny in her "A Cynic Tells Love Stories" one-woman show.

This 60-minute show examines the stages of love from being a hopeless romantic (yearning for the day someone tells you that "you would be worth dying for") to being a love hater and not really knowing how you will end up.

Glover commands the stage, effortlessly moving from scene to scene, from funny moments to sad, poignant points of discovery.

Some of the funniest moments come when she talks about falling for "straight girls" and being named "The Slut" in college. My favorite scene, "The Wife," combines all the elements of good storytelling -- romance, tension, conflict, humor and self-discovery.

Her performance Saturday night felt honest and made me root for her. Will she embrace her hopeless romantic side or cling to the cynic? I don't know the answer, but I bet she comes up with a lot more stories along the way.