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Comedian Davidson ready for House Party

Chances are you recognize Tommy Davidson's face or voice.

His résumé includes being one of the original cast members for the sketch-comedy show "In Living Color," which introduced him to Jim Carrey, Jamie Foxx and the entire Wayans family.

His range of voice work includes serving as the voice of Oscar Proud on the Disney Channel animated series "The Proud Family."

And he's done movies -- most recently the blaxploitation spoof "Black Dynamite."

But if you ask Davidson, his No. 1 love is stand-up comedy. That's what he'll be doing at Warnors Theatre on Saturday night when he headlines the House Party Comedy Tour.

It's hosted by his buddy Christopher "Kid" Reid, from '80s/'90s rap group Kid 'N' Play. Though these days, he's cut his recognizable high-top fade.

Brad Williams, a regular on "Mind of Mencia," also is on the bill, as are local comics Andre Covington and Phillip Medina. We talked to Davidson to learn more about what he's been up to and what to expect from Saturday's show.

Question: I know that you keep busy. What projects do you have going on right now?

Answer: I have one that's out right now, a movie called "Black Dynamite." It's in limited movie theaters, so you gotta try to find it. It's a really good movie.

Also I have another movie with Cedric the Entertainer called "Chicago Pulaski Jones," which is coming out the latter part of 2010. And a Comedy Central special that's coming out in 2010, too.

Out of acting, doing stand-up and doing voice work, which is your favorite and why?

There's no favorite, per se. If I were to choose -- you can do whatever you want -- it would be to sing. But my favorite thing to do is stand-up comedy. I'm a comedy elf. It's so natural. I don't have to think about anything. It just happens. It's definitely one of my favorites.

How does what you do in your stand-up show compare to what people see from you on TV or in movies?

It's vastly different. I'm in a box as an actor. I'm doing what I'm told to do. With stand-up, I can do whatever I want to do. As a stand-up comic, I cover the whole gamut. I got political commentary, but I do impressions. I do improvisation, but I got rich material too. I do all the things that people do, but in one person.

Do you have a favorite character from "In Living Color?"

Yeah. My favorite character of mine was the kung-fu teacher by the name of Sweet Tooth Jones. He wasn't really a kung-fu teacher. He would just teach people by the movies he saw.

Do you think we'll ever see an "In Living Color" reunion?

I would like to say yes. Anything's possible. I don't think you'll see it within the next couple of years. I think people are really working right now; they're really defining themselves. I would love to do it.