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Ronnie D. makes waves in local Latin hip-hop and R&B

Local R&B singer Ronnie D. is making waves in the genre of Latin hip-hop and R&B.

The Kerman resident is in Corpus Christi this weekend for the Texas Latin Rap Awards and will open for Pitbull in Salinas in a few weeks.

He's something of a throwback, singing a brand of R&B influenced by oldies. But he also has a modern side. He's a member of club-friendly hip-hop group Emaculant.

We talked to Ronnie D. to learn more about his music and his future plans.

How did you get started in music? Been around music my whole life, but got started in 2000 writing music. A friend, Baby Bash, read my lyrics and was like, "Hey, you can do something with this." From there, I ran with it, and haven't stopped.

Explain your style and influences. My style is more Latin rap and R&B, but versatile. It changes up a little depending on the song we write. Great influences for me are Keith Sweat, Baby Bash, Brenton Wood and Bar-Kays.

In addition to your solo work, you're also in Emaculant. What's the difference in those two projects? I'm doing solo work more in the old-school era -- ballads and funky style. Emaculant, we perform radio hits, dance and hip-hop, and some R&B. Like I said, we are versatile.

You've performed with a lot of big hip-hop/R&B names, from Pitbull to Ray J to Flo Rida. Who are you most proud to have shared a stage with? Why? They are all hot artists, but I'd have to say Pitbull and Zapp. I performed with them both, numerous times and the energy is outrageous.

How did you get a spot at this weekend's Texas Latin Rap Awards? I got a call from singer/rap artist Lisa Da Brat, asking if I could write a new club song and perform at the Latin Rap Awards ceremony. I accepted. I have written music for and collaborated with many of these artists, as well -- bringing my Latin funky sound.

When's your next local show? Our next California show is Dec. 18 in Salinas with Pitbull and LaLa. I'm working on a show for late December in Fresno, to get back home for the Central Valley Hip-Hop Awards show, in which Emaculant is a nominee for best hip-hop group, which will be held in Fresno in January 2010.

What should people be on the lookout for from you? Fans may look out for a new funk/old-school project I am starting to work on, as well as Emaculant putting out new music videos and music. My new tennis shoes will be out late spring 2010 at all major stores throughout the world.

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