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Critical mass: Movie reviews roundup

Penguins of Madagascar (PG-13)

Directors: Simon J. Smith, Eric Darnell

Starring: Tom McGrath, Chris Miller, Christopher Knights, Conrad Vernon.

The pitch: The four penguins become the target of a ruthless octopus named Dave who is seeking revenge on all penguins because their cuteness has caused him great grief. Joining the battle against Dave is a secret animal spy organization.

The formula: Take a look at moments from “For Your Eyes Only.” Set sail with scenes from “McHale’s Navy.” Spy on bits of “Madagascar.”

Go see it: If you want to see a film that’s fun for young and old.

Don’t go see it: If you think the only thing penguins can do is march across the ice in front of the cameras of documentary crews.

Going to extremes: You would be hard pressed to find an actor with two new movies that are as diverse as Benedict Cumberbatch’s “Penguins of Madagascar” and “The Imitation Game.”