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'Rudo' actors score big again

“Rudo y Cursi” Grade B+: At the center of this cautionary tale are Tato (Gael García Bernal) and Beto (Diego Luna). The half brothers are the two best soccer players in their town. The brothers become divided when only Tato is invited to move to the professional ranks. What should have been a blessing becomes a curse when Beto’s turn to go pro comes later.

The last time Bernal and Luna starred in a film written by Carlos Cuarón, the result was the Oscar-nominated “Y tu mamá también.” Their latest collaboration proves film lightning can strike twice.

"Sunshine Cleaning" Grade B: Two sisters (Amy Adams, Emily Blunt) start a crime-scene clean-up business. But it is their own lives that are the real mess.

"Sunshine Cleaning" mines a few jokes from the morbid end of the comedy scale. But that’s just the additional seasoning for a very sweet film about love, life, loss and luck.

"The Informers" Grade B: The movie, based on a collection of short stories by Bret Easton Ellis, goes back 25 years to offer a brutal look at the lives of a handful of people who feel that beauty, power and money have created a shield of invulnerability for them.

The film uses a "Crash" structure to offer voyeuristic looks Los Angeles residents connected by a thin thread.

"Adventureland" Grade B+: A young man must take a job at a small-time amusement park. He not only earns some cash but learns some life lessons.Director Greg Motolla, who also wrote the script, has made a film that has broad appeal because it doesn’t sink to sophomoric absurdities. The result is a film for anyone who has spent a summer trying to understand love while dealing with a bad job.

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