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It's fast, it's furious, but it's all pretty silly

“Fast & Furious” Grade D: Director Justin Lin, working with a script by Chris Morgan that seems casually glued together, doesn’t waste a lot of time trying to figure out how and why the craggy Dom (Vin Diesel) and the scruffy Brian (Paul Walker) reunite.

And when they do, the extent of their relationship is mostly grunts interspersed with shots of brightly burnished carburetors and STP-slurping engines.

The best and most preposterous car-race sequence is the opener, set in the Dominican Republic, in which Dom and his merry band of Robin-Hooding compatriots attempt to hijack a lonely gas truck driven by a guy with an iguana.

“Green Lantern: First Flight” Grade B+: Unless you are a comic book fan, you probably don’t know much about this DC Comics hero. The animated film shows how test pilot Hal Jordan (voiced by Christopher Meloni) is selected to join a group of guardians of the universe who wear rings that give them special powers.

First-rate animation, nonstop action and dead- on voice casting will make this fun for comic book fans and entertaining for those who have never read a “Green Lantern” story.

“Miss March” Grade D: This movie is about as much fun as reading a Playboy magazine with no pictures and no stories. It is devoid of any entertainment value.

The idea had promise. A young man awakens from a coma to discover his high school sweetheart has become a centerfold. This leads to a trip to the Playboy mansion. How bad is this movie? Hugh Hefner’s the best actor in it.

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