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VIDEOS: Yawning disaster at sea

"Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End" Grade D: The gang sets out to save Capt. Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp).

The movie has come along to founder in a tedious, overwrought and bloated outing that up until the 100-minute mark makes you wish the movie theater had lifeboats.

If you have to pick the biggest blunder by the creators of "Pirates" -- and especially of the overrated director Gore Verbinski -- it's this obsession with afterlife, immortality and other such pseudospiritual themes.

"Superbad" Grade C: Three teens go on a quest to buy liquor. They find adventure instead. Jonah Hill stars.

In the grand tradition of "Porky's," "Dazed and Confused" and "American Pie" comes "Superbad." The film joins the pantheon of cinematic offerings in which young men have only two things on their mind. They spend 60% of their time thinking about sex and 60% thinking about partying. Yes, that adds up to more than 100%, but only because it accounts for the time they spend thinking about sex while partying.

You do have to admire the filmmakers for having the nerve to call the movie "Superbad." But this film isn't super bad. It isn't super good. It's just half of a funny movie.

"Arctic Tale" Grade C-: The new video release is as lifeless as the landscapes it depicts. The 84-minute nature documentary tracks at an arm's length the lives of a female polar bear and a walrus from birth to motherhood.

Both treks are loaded with perils: some natural, some man-made. The problem is the presentation of the journeys comes across cold and unattached. That's not a good thing when you want to sneak up on the audience and club them with messages about the environment.